Burger King introduces low-cal fries

  • Burger King is attempted to lure back its hungry customers by introducing "Satisfries", which are reportedly low in calories than its normal fries by 20 percent. They're also supposed to have 30 percent less calories than McDonald's fries. 

    These newly introduced Satisfries would cost 20 cents more than the company's normal fries, except for in children's menu. 

    Burger King mentioned that this new item is cooked with the same ingredients but it took the company two years to come up with a low-calorie batter. 

    "It's not realistic to ask people to replace french fries with carrots or celery sticks," the company's dietitian said. "This is like meeting them halfway."

    The chain believes that these fries could have a big impact just the way diet soda did. However, Lacey Donohue at Gawker thinks that no self-respecting person would want to say the word "Satisfries" out loud. 

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