American vehicles to get older

  • A new study by the auto research firm Polk reveals that the vehicles in America have climbed to an age of 11.4 years instead of 11.2 years as shown by the same study in 2012. 

    A number of factors could be responsible for this change including the increase in reliability of cars and trucks nowadays. It is not uncommon for vehicles to run for 15 or 20 years after rolling off the assembly line. Dealers across the nation see a steady flow of older models being traded for new ones since the longer people drive their cars, the greater the demand for new vehicles would be. 

    According to Polk, the percentage of cars and trucks under the age of 5 will increase substantially by 2018 but one market that is shrinking instead of growing between now and 2018 is that of the models between 6-11 years of age. The number of those vehicles in that age group would decline by 21.9 percent, as per the study. 

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