What Happened on 30 March 2014

Denmark to boost birth rate

A travel company in Denmark is now looking to jump-start the country's falling birth rate. Spies Travel is coming up… Read More.

Man replaces food with beer for 40 days

A Canadian man is replacing beer with food for Lent. The 33-year-old Chris Schryer has decided to stay away from… Read More.

Feds could save $136M by changing font

A teen's science fair project proves that the US government would be able to save $136M each year by making… Read More.

UNC athletes receive grade A- on essays

Investigations into University of North Carolina athletes revealed that the school allowed athletes to go through college with "a second-… Read More.

Implantable technology to get under our skin

Wearable technology such as Google's Android Wear is bringing the power of a smartphone to people's wrists. However the next… Read More.

Shirley Jones to go skydiving for 80th birthday

Oscar-winning actress Shirley Jones said she's going sky-diving on her 80th birthday. "That's something I wanted to do all my… Read More.