What Happened on 28 November 2013

Swine flu death toll was much more than initially reported

Reports from WHO initially indicated that 18,631 people died from the "swine-flue" epidemic in 2009. However, a recent study revealed… Read More.

Shootings in Iraq left over 20 people dead

Shootings and explosions in Iraq killed 20 and wounded a dozen others.  Officials mentioned that 13 identified bodies of people,… Read More.

Man said he was raised by wolves

A six-year-old boy was left alone when he was taken into the mountains with a man, who died.  He then… Read More.

Pizza Hut GM got fired on Thanksgiving

A Pizza Hut general manager wanted to give his workers a day off on Thanksgiving.  Tony Rohr, who worked in… Read More.

First book printed in the US is world's most expensive

The first book that ever printed in what later became the US is now the most expensive printed book in… Read More.

NFL Mascot hurt in accident

The Kansas City Chiefs' mascot, who has been with the team for nearly two decades, got seriously injured at Arrowhead… Read More.

Two workers died at Brazilian World Cup stadium

The Brazilian stadium expected to be the venue for the World Cup opening ceremony saw a construction accident, which killed… Read More.

Microsoft to save itself from the NSA

Considering that there have been recent reports regarding the NSA spying on Google, Yahoo and several other companies, Microsoft is… Read More.

Bitcoins reach a major milestone

The value of a single Bitcoin has exceeded $1,000 partly due to all the praise from the Fed and the… Read More.

Frankie Muniz suffers a second stroke

About a year after the first mini stroke, Frankie Muniz suffered another one. "I experienced another mini stroke," he… Read More.

Jack Gleeson said he wants to quit acting after Game of Thrones

Jack Gleeson will be killed on Game of Thrones and viewers won't see him much on screen after.  He plays… Read More.