What Happened on 28 December 2013

Pussy Riot to form new group after release

It appears as if Pussy Riot members only get inspired to do more after being imprisoned. They are not the… Read More.

Lawsuit asks San Diego to clean La Jolla neighborhood

The La Jolla neighborhood in San Diego is a great place to go watch sea lions. However, the city is… Read More.

Federal judge ruled that NSA surveillance is legal

A federal judge has ruled that the mass collection of telephone and Internet records by the National Security Agency is… Read More.

Delta mistakenly sells cheap tickets

Lucky Delta Air Lines customers bought cheap air tickets for about $50 before the company realized there was a website… Read More.

UPS, FedEx didn't deliver Christmas gifts on time

A FedEx customer support supervisor apologized to the company's customers for being lousy with delivering gifts this year.  Reports suggest… Read More.

Samsung to introduce TVs with touch and voice interaction

Samsung's 2014 Smart TV lineup includes a version featuring "finger gestures." Integrated microphones within the company's Smart Touch Remotes will… Read More.

Woman runs for 86 hours without sleeping

A New Zealand woman finished the longest run without getting any sleep earlier this week. Kim Allan covered 310 miles… Read More.

Cowboys' Tony Romo to be placed on injured reserve

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo won't be playing for the rest of the season since he underwent back surgery on… Read More.

Amazon sold enough lamps to reach the top of Everest

Amazon revealed last year that the number of Christmas Story Leg Lamps that it sold over the holiday season, would… Read More.

Website tracks the consumption of data by apps

Wireless trade group CTIA launched a website, which examines how some popular apps on our smartphones consume data.  Know My… Read More.

Kanye gifts Kardashian a "one of a kind" bag

Baby North wasn't the only member of the family who received Hermes gifts this Christmas: Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian… Read More.

Miley fires up on the pot subject

Joe Jonas had previously mentioned in an essay for New York magazine that Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus introduced him… Read More.