What Happened on 26 February 2014

Uganda tabloid lists top homosexuals

Uganda's president recently signed a bill, making homosexuality publishable by law. A tabloid called Red Pepper published a list of… Read More.

Mubarak Ally is Egypt's Prime Minister

The housing minister Mubarak Ally is Egypt's new prime minister. Former construction magnate Ibrahim Mehlib told the media that his… Read More.

How accidents and rapes persist at fraternities

Accidents and sexual assaults inside frat-houses are quite common and ignoring them any longer is not a possibility.  Caitlin Flanagan… Read More.

Workforce on the Internet is faceless

America's internet economy hides the faces of its workers in today's age and George Packer of the New Yorker pointed… Read More.

Taco Bell to plan on serving breakfast

Looks like Taco Bell is looking to go head-to-head with McDonald's breakfast market. Reports suggest that the chain is planning… Read More.

New campaign focuses on milk nutrition

The "Got Milk?" slogan is coming to end and the Milk Processor Education Program has now switched to "Milk Life"… Read More.

Bail raided in Sharper case

Former NFL star Darren Sharper is charged with rape in another state and the recent bail terms have barred him… Read More.

Jason Collin's jersey is best-selling in the NBA

The first openly gay player Jason Collins made his season debut on Sunday and the fan response suggests that people… Read More.

Facebook shuts its email service

Facebook has quietly killed off its email service, which many users weren't even aware of. The service was called a… Read More.

How to portray yourself on Facebook

We're all aware of how to look good in the real world. However, considering that Facebook is the best depiction… Read More.

Former wig-stylist sues Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has recently been sued by her former hair stylist for stealing his wig designs. Terrence Davidson accused the… Read More.

Baldwin continues to tweet after exiting public life

Alec Baldwin exited from "public life" in a dramatic way but is still tweeting.  Right after the New York issue… Read More.