What Happened on 25 May 2014

Camera that captured shipwreck is found

A camera that had been at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for about two years after a shipwreck, has… Read More.

Teens get closer to polar bear for a selfie

The Toronto Star reports that two students went closer to a polar bear club during a high school field trip… Read More.

App helps people get over passed on pets

A recent app lets people upload a photo of their pet and uses technology to find a similar animal that… Read More.

Landon Donovan speaks about being cut off

Landon Donovan spoke to the media on Saturday and said he thinks U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann wasn't only thinking about… Read More.

Iran blocks Instagram

An Iranian court banned Instagram, adding it to the list of several other social media networks that have been banned… Read More.

Kim and Kanye get married

Rapper Kanye West and star Kim Kardashian tied the knot in a private ceremony in Florence.  Bruce Jenner walked the… Read More.