What Happened on 25 December 2015

Nigeria gas plant explosion: Multiple fatalities reported

Scores of people were killed in a huge explosion at butane gas depot in southeastern Nigeria, the president of Read More.

Pope Francis denounces consumerism

Addressing a crowd of 10,000 people, Pope Francis said that the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics across the world should not be… Read More.

Westerners may be at threat in Beijing

Westerners visiting a particular mall in the Sanlitun district might be at risk. The British, US and French embassies have… Read More.

14 killed as storm brews in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee

A violent storm hit southern U.S.A. claiming a total of 14 lives in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee. Though 14 tornadoes… Read More.

US actor Robert Downey Jr pardoned for 1996 drug case

Robert Downey Jr, US actor who is well known for playing the role of Iron Man in a series of… Read More.