What Happened on 23 October 2013

Venezuela attacks two illegal planes

Venezuela shot down two planes that were allegedly being used for smuggling drugs.  A recently approved bill allowed the move… Read More.

Ancient tomb's warrior might actually be a princess

Archaeologists in Tuscany, Italy, discovered last month that the 2,600-year old skeleton discovered in an unopened tomb, which was believed… Read More.

Thieves steal viking jewels from museum

Thieves managed to steal several Viking artifacts from the Lund University Historical Museum in Sweden. The security chief said the… Read More.

Nokia introduces new devices

Nokia is making some announcements in Abu Dhabi regarding its upcoming devices that include a Tablet and a big-screen phone. … Read More.

Starbucks under scrutiny in China

China has an issue with the prices of Starbucks in the country.  Broadcaster CCTV ran a report entitled "Starbucks: Expensive… Read More.

Teenage girl finds diamond while digging

A teenage girl went digging with her family in Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas and found a diamond… Read More.

World Series ticket sold for 3 bucks

A baseball fan named Eric got really lucky when someone sold a ticket to the World Series at Fenway Park… Read More.

Man broke knitting record while running marathon

A Kansas City Marathon runner broke a Guinness world record by knitting a 12 feet and 13/4 inch long scarf… Read More.

Re-creation of Super Mario Bros. must come down

Ryan Vogt wrote on Slate that the re-creation of Super Mario Bros. called Full Screen Mario is "amazing" but should… Read More.

Facebook lifts ban on gory photos and videos

Facebook users should get ready to see some bloodier photos and videos since the company has lifted a ban on… Read More.

Kim and Kanye engaged

Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in quite a romantic manner and she said yes.  He rented out the AT&T… Read More.

People criticizing fake 'Breaking Bad' funeral

People attended a fake funeral in Albuquerque for 'Breaking Bad' character Walter White.  About 2,000 fans paid their respects to… Read More.