What Happened on 20 November 2013

UN will never know the exact typhoon death toll

The most recent death toll in Philippines is 3,976 but the UN said it may never be able to determine… Read More.

Twin bombs kill 23 in Beirut

An al-Qaeda linked group has admitted to have been behind the twin suicide bombings in Beirut, which killed 23 people… Read More.

Guest marries bride at Indian wedding

An Indian family was relieved when their daughter's wedding took place as scheduled.  Surprisingly, they weren't fussy about who married… Read More.

Hydrogen-powered SUV to be available next year

Another exciting vehicle is soon to be introduced: Hyundai's hydrogen-powered SUV.  The new version of the company's Tucson SUV will… Read More.

Doctors with ties to industry prescribe costly drugs

A recent investigation revealed that several doctors choose to prescribe expensive and branded drugs to low-income patients and cost taxpayers… Read More.

Tesla facing more scrutiny over car fires

Tesla is being scrutinized more due to the fact that three vehicles caught fire in a span of six weeks.… Read More.

Grizzlies' Tony Allen suspended one game

Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen was suspended one game after he kicked Chris Paul in the face during the game… Read More.

Kansas City Royals was the inspiration behind Royals

The popular teenage star Lorde reportedly told VH1 in September that Kansas City Royals were the inspiration behind her popular… Read More.

Word of the year is selfie

Many well-known people have made headlines in 2013 with selfies, which has made it easier for Oxford Dictionaries to pick… Read More.

Yahoo to avoid NSA syping

Yahoo is attempting to avoid being snooped around by the NSA by encrypting all of its products.  According to CEO… Read More.

College renaming journalism school for one day

Emerson College is now renaming its journalism school after Ron Burgundy for just one day on Dec. 4.  It's doing… Read More.

Gaga promoter fined over gay propaganda

A Russian woman's 13-year-old daughter was reportedly exposed to advocacy of alcohol and also witnessed two women pretending to have… Read More.