What Happened on 20 May 2014

Melting speed of Antarctica doubles

Scientists have given a much more upsetting news on melting Antarctica after revealing that there's nothing that can be done… Read More.

Pope to get the same treatment as Obama

President Obama was accompanied by nearly 8,000 police officers when he visited Israel and it appears that Pope Francis will… Read More.

NSA records every cell phone call in the Bahamas

One must know if one visited Bahamas recently that the NSA (National Security Agency) most likely recorded every phone calls. Moreover,… Read More.

YouTube to buy Twitch

YouTube may spend more than $1 billion to buy Twitch, which is a famous site for the video game players.… Read More.

Fired NYT editor addressed new graduate students in her rousing speech

Jill Abramson  spoke at the graduation ceremony of Wake Forest University, days after when she as the New York Times'… Read More.

Rio's Olympic waters are unprepared

Rio's 2016 Olympics are coming close, but Brazil still has not cleaned up Guanabara Bay since unchecked garbage remains at… Read More.

Kurt Busch to switch to a back-up car after crash

Kurt Busch will be driving a backup car since his team can't repair the vehicle after its crash during practice… Read More.

Don't blame Google Glass for lack of privacy

Google Glass is now available to anyone and the number of people using it on the streets will definitely increase.… Read More.

Mom banned from ranting about family on social media

A lot of people use Facebook to vent their anger, but this mom went to another level and has now… Read More.

Beyonce and Jay Z promote their tour

Beyonce and Jay Z filmed a fake movie trailer in order to promote their much awaited tour.  The video looks… Read More.

Celebrities who have posted inappropriate photos on Instagram

This isn't the first time that Lindsay Lohan has posted an inappropriate photo of herself on Instagram. The troubled actress… Read More.