What Happened on 19 November 2013

Live volcano found under sheet of ice

Scientists may have the opportunity of finding out what happens when there's a volcanic eruption under ice.  Researchers have spotted… Read More.

Rob Ford is stripped off some of his powers

The city council of Toronto voted to strip Rob Ford of some of his powers after he knocked over a… Read More.

Man shot up newspaper and Paris bank

A man, who is believed to have opened fire into the offices of the newspaper 'Liberation' as well as outside… Read More.

Malls to attract holiday shoppers with freebies

Holiday shopping has become competitive and local malls have begun to offer various services such as free valet parking and… Read More.

More women in US workforce than before recession

The number of women in the workforce in the US has reached 67.5 million, which is an improvement considering that… Read More.

Walmart asking workers to help each other out

A Walmart store in Ohio wanted to make sure all its workers have a good Thanksgiving so it's asking them… Read More.

Man drowns while trying to break record

A 32-year-old participant in a free diving tournament drowned while trying to break a record at the International Free diving… Read More.

Member of Congress to become Ironman

Krysten Sinema is an interesting member of Congress not only because she is the first openly bisexual one but also… Read More.

White House to bypass website

The White House agreed to another concession and decided to enroll qualified customers for tax credits and bypassing HealthCare.gov.  "It's… Read More.

Pedophiles will now get warnings online

Google and Microsoft are now a team in assuring that pedophiles don't get illegal results online but get warned instead. … Read More.

Tom and Gisele's bodyguards jailed for 5 years

Two men working as bodyguards for Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are going to spend five years in prison for… Read More.

Best Man Holiday wins the weekend box office

Thor: The Dark World grabbed the No. 1 position on the weekend box office once again but what's surprising is… Read More.