What Happened on 17 April 2014

Canadian university student stabs 5 to death

A 22-year-old student of the University of Calgary who was just about to enter its law school program reportedly stabbed… Read More.

Vasectomies may get outlawed in Iran

Iran began to distribute free condoms two decades ago but it's now planning on doing the opposite. The parliament of… Read More.

Terror network kidnaps 100 teen girls in Nigeria

The Boko Haram terror network kidnapped nearly 100 girls from a school located in northeastern Nigeria.  Authorities mentioned that the… Read More.

Vacant detroit homes to go on auction

Detroit plans on putting 15 empty homes up for auction in order to revitalize its neighborhoods. Bids start only at… Read More.

Women sue company for falsely advertising undergarments

Two women in Massachusetts are suing Maidenform Brands and Wacoal America for selling their garments with the claim that they… Read More.

TurboTax linked to campaigning against free, simple tax filling

Community leaders have been against the IRS setting up a simple, online tax tool that could fill people's forms automatically… Read More.

The Ultimate Warrior's wife thanks fans

Dana Warrior issued a letter to thank wrestling fans, one week after her husband died.  "He taught me to live… Read More.

Sharper's DNA found on rape victim

Semen matching the DNA sample of Darren Sharper was found on the clothing of one of his alleged rape victims.… Read More.

New Saturn moon is born

Astronomers spotted a "fuzzy blob" near Saturn's ring but don't know for sure if "Peggy" is an actual moon.  The… Read More.

Urine could be new spacecraft fuel

Recycling urine could eliminate the expense of getting fuel and water to spacecraft in orbit. The idea of consuming water… Read More.

Miley Cyrus is hospitalized

Miley Cyrus was admitted to a hospital after she had an allergic reaction to antibiotics.  The singer had to cancel… Read More.

Rapper jumps from building

A grisly story in North Hollywood indicates that rapper Andre Johnson severed his own penis before jumping off a balcony… Read More.