What Happened on 16 July 2013

Major discovery of an old calendar in Scotland

The oldest calendar was known to exist some 5,000 years ago and has been found in northern Scotland. The archeologists… Read More.

A crashing cow kills man

The victim's brother rightly said that being crushed by a cow is the last way you'd think of leaving this… Read More.

17 dead at Boxing Match Stampede

A fight broke out at an Indonesian boxing match killing 17 and injuring at least 39 people. According to reports,… Read More.

Slow growth in US retail sales

Even though US retail sales grew in the month of June, it was still at a slower rate than expected.… Read More.

Apple and Samsung quit rivalry

Samsung is reportedly going to be supplying chips for the new iPhone starting 2015. This means a reversal of relationship… Read More.

British bankers make one million despite the financial crisis

A report by an industry regulator showed that nearly 2,500 bankers in Britain make at least one million euros a… Read More.

Tyson Gay fails drug tests

American sprinter Tyson Gay will not be able to remain a part of the world championships next month in Moscow… Read More.

Motorcycle Racer dies after losing control

Bill Warner, who was 44 years of age, lost control and zoomed off a runway in northern Maine. According to… Read More.

An iPhone 5 user died after answering a call

Apple is planning on investigating the cause of death of a Chinese woman who was allegedly electrocuted when she answered… Read More.

WWII Bomber Memphis Belle to be restored.

Judging by the look of the B-17, there's no way to tell that this… Read More.

Rowling's Alter Ego

The fictitious name that JK Rowling used instead of her own had a bio which said that the author had… Read More.

Spotify is bad for musicians

Despite its popularity, Spotify is bad for musicians, especially new ones. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke as well as producer Nigel… Read More.