What Happened on 10 October 2013

US is not cutting aid to Egypt

The White House claims CNN's reports from last night are false. The news agency cited an official and reported that the U.S.… Read More.

Passenger lands after pilot gets sick

Two flight instructors gave the only passenger of a small plane a crash course after the plane's pilot fell sick.… Read More.

Alleged shipwreck captain detained

The man that the Italian police believe was piloting the ship when it capsized last week has been detained; although… Read More.

Obama to nominate female fed chief

President Obama will nominate Federal Reserve vice chair Janet Yellen to become the next chairman of the US central bank. … Read More.

Judge said intern can't sue over sexual harassment

A judge has ruled that a female unpaid intern is not entitled to employee protection and hence, can't sue her… Read More.

Pumpkin flavor becoming increasingly popular in America

The flavor of pumpkin has become omnipresent since it is being found in various products such as M&M's and Pop-Tarts.… Read More.

Schools to stop having handshakes after games

The governing body for high school sports in Kentucky has asked the schools to forbid organized handshakes after games since… Read More.

Detroit Lion apologized to marching band

The Detroit Lions' center Dominic Raiola talked trash to the marching band of the University of Wisconsin and apologized for… Read More.

Passengers using phones didn't notice gunman

When a gunman looked to kill someone on a crowded train in San Francisco last month, many passengers failed to… Read More.

Users of "Silk Road" drug site should be worried

There have been more arrests related to the seized Silk Road website. After arresting mastermind Ross Ulbricht, the authorities have… Read More.

Owen Wilson might be having a baby with his married trainer

According to sources, Owen Wilson's personal trainer is pregnant with his baby.  Caroline Lindqvist and her plastic surgeon husband haven't… Read More.

Kris and Bruce Jenner split a year ago

Rumors suggest that things are not going well between Kris Jenner and her husband. The couple have been married since… Read More.