What Happened on 10 March 2014

Vietnam may have spotted plane debris

Vietnam stated that suspected fragments were found over 36 hours after the missing Malaysia Airlines 777 began to be searched… Read More.

Ex-Warlord dies at 57

Afghan vice president Field Marshal Mohammad Qaisim Fahim died at the age of 57. President Hamid Farzai's people stated that… Read More.

Boy suspended for making hand look like a gun

Students in America have been getting suspended for making their pencils look like guns. However, this school in Ohio may… Read More.

Seven jobs that we said good-bye to

The modern age often turns several jobs obsolete and the San Francisco Chronicle published a few of those jobs that… Read More.

Several iconic stores have disappeared

Radioshack recently announced that it plans on closing about 1,100 of its stores, which made everyone wonder if it will… Read More.

Broke county gives away its villages

The economic downturn in Spain is helping buyers who want to pick up entire regions for little money. People have… Read More.

Transgender woman sues CrossFit

A transgender woman in California is asking the company behind the CrossFit workout to let her compete in its fitness… Read More.

Detroit Lions owner dies at 88

The last surviving grandchild of Henry Ford and the owner of the Detroit Lions died at the age of 88… Read More.

Some old tech words won't ever die

You probably use the term rewind while talking about YouTube but probably haven't rewound a tape since the VHS era. … Read More.

Blackberry CEO calls iPhone users 'wall huggers'

Blackberry CEO John Chen was asked about the popularity of the iPhone at the Oasis Montgomery Summit.  "I call you… Read More.

Several celebrities regret their tattoos

Sometimes tattooing yourself isn't the best idea. Radar put together several celebrities who regretted their tattoos after failed relationships and… Read More.

Connecticut may lower movie volumes

Connecticut could become the first state to lower the volume at the movies. The bill is currently being considered and… Read More.