What Happened on 10 January 2015

3 gunmen, 4 hostages killed as sieges in France end

The two hostage situations that had France on the edge ended on Friday, with the killing of three gunmen along… Read More.

Saudi blogger's flogging creates buzz on social media

Thousands of people in Saudi Arabia have taken to social media to express their feelings… Read More.

US prosecutors seek charges against former CIA chief Petraeus

Prosecutors in the US have recommended that charges be brought against former CIA director David Petraeus as he provided classified… Read More.

Dozens of opposition activists released by Cuba

Cuba has released more than 35 opposition activists in the last few days, reports say. The… Read More.

Hundreds killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria

Hundreds of bodies lie strewn on the ground in northeastern Nigeria in what is being described… Read More.

US economy added 252,000 jobs in December

The good news surrounding the US economy continues, with 252,000 jobs being added in December and the country's unemployment rate… Read More.