What Happened on 08 May 2015

Dozens injured in new chemical attacks in Syria: Reports

Dozens of people are believed to be injured in suspected chemical attacks in northwest Syria’s Read More.

US Senate votes 98-1 to pass bill on Iran nuclear deal

The US Senate has voted 98-1 to pass a bill that allows Congress to review any nuclear deal between Read More.

Omar Khadr, who became Guantánamo Bay detainee at 15, freed in Canada

Omar Khadr has been freed by Canada more than 12 years after US troops captured him at… Read More.

Phone data collection by NSA illegal, rules US appeals court

The National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone data is illegal, according to a ruling by a Read More.

Astronomers identify 13.1-billion-year-old galaxy

Astronomers have identified a galaxy that formed 13.1 billion years ago, making it the earliest galaxy ever seen by humans.… Read More.

UK polls: David Cameron's Conservative Party heads to victory

David Cameron’s Conservative Party is set to form a slender majority in the UK as it consolidated… Read More.

Helicopter carrying foreign diplomats crashes, six killed

  At least six people were killed when a Pakistani military… Read More.

Debt negotiations: Greece will stick to 'red-line' promises made to voters

Greece will adhere to the “red line” pledges it made to voters and won’t make concessions during… Read More.

China's exports down 6.2% in April; trade surplus increases

China’s exports dropped 6.2% in April in yuan terms compared to a year ago instead of the… Read More.

Manchester United sign Dutch forward Memphis Depay

Manchester United have reportedly finalized a deal signing 21-year-old Memphis Depay, the Dutch forward, from PSV Eindhoven. The fee is… Read More.