What Happened on 08 December 2013

Obama, Clinton, and G.W. Bush to attend Mandela's Funeral

President Obama, and former Presidents G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are going to South Africa in order to attend Nelson… Read More.

Six people busted in radioactive theft in Mexico

Six people have been arrested for stealing a truck full of radioactive material in Mexico. They are all being currently… Read More.

Basic income policy is better than minimum wage

A lot of people support the idea of raising the minimum wage. However, it might not be the best idea… Read More.

US to face Germany, Portugal, Ghana in World Cup

The World Cup 2014 draw went badly for the US and it sees that the nation will have to face… Read More.

Tesla Model S sells in digital currency

After a university gave its students the option of paying their tuition using Bitcoins, the currency recently took another step… Read More.

Big changes on Family Guy

Recent reports suggest that the death of Brian the dog on Family Guy wasn't the end of his role on… Read More.