What Happened on 06 April 2014

Volcano erupts in Ecuador

Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador exploded for five-minutes, spewing a 6-mile column of ash. The geophysics institute of the region mentioned… Read More.

Chinese ship picks up a ping

A Chinese ship looking for Flight 370 has heard a ping in the southern Indian Ocean, with the pulse being… Read More.

Honeymoon home of Jackie O to sell for $135M

Beverly House located in Beverley Hill has had a glorious past. It once belonged to publishing giant William Randolph and… Read More.

Cubs player shows up in wrong uniform

The Chicago Cubs played against the Pittsburgh Pirated quite late into the night on Wednesday and perhaps that's the reason… Read More.

5-year-old exposes security bug in Xbox Live

A 5-year-old boy living in San Diego just gave some Microsoft techies a run for their money. Reports suggest that… Read More.

Captain America is the first summer blockbuster of the year

Chris Evans' Captain America is back with plenty of action, which appears to be better than the 2011 version. The… Read More.