What Happened on 05 June 2016

Microsoft launches update for older Lumia phones

Microsoft has released a software update for the Nokia Lumia devices. The Windows 10 update is expected to increase the sales… Read More.

Surfer dies in shark attack in Australia

A 29-year-old surfer, Ben Gerrings, who lost his leg in a shark attack in Western Australia has succumbed to his… Read More.

30 soldiers dead in Boko Haram attack in Niger

Thirty soldiers died in an attack by the Boko Haram militants in Niger. This is the deadliest attack by the… Read More.

ISis militants suffer huge losses in Syria

Intense fighting between the Islamic State and the combined forces of Iraqi government and Syrian forces, along with US support,… Read More.

US issues high alert against ISIS attacks in South Africa

The United States mission to South Africa issued a potential warning against ISIS attack on US citizens in South Africa.… Read More.