What Happened on 03 April 2014

Saharan dust takes over London

There's an exceptional amount of smog in London and some of the air pollution is to blame on the dust… Read More.

Last letter from Titanic to go up for auction

Esther Hart wrote her mother a letter on April 14, 1912. She mentioned in the letter that she felt too… Read More.

Factory worker owned stolen Gauguin for decades

A factory worker bought two decent looking paintings for $30 back in 1975 after they had been abandoned on a… Read More.

Businesses add 191k jobs

Payroll processor ADP mentioned that businesses added 191k jobs in March. Small ones reportedly added 72k jobs while the large… Read More.

Lotto winner waits 6 weeks before claiming $425M

The man who won the biggest lottery in California turned up to claim his $425M on April Fool's Day and… Read More.

Chrysler recalls vehicles over brake defect

As GM faces several problems, Chrysler is recalling some vehicles of its own. The move involves about 870k Dodge Durango… Read More.

Spencer, Titans agree to terms on deal

The Tennessee Titans have come to terms with the one-year-contract with Chris Spencer.  Reports suggest that the 32-year-old offensive lineman… Read More.

NFL stars shouldn't be asked to leave old friends

NFL player Richard Sherman writes at Sports Illustrated that he's having a little trouble with the word "gang ties" being… Read More.

Amazon unveils gaming and streaming device

Amazon is definitely trying to enter people's living rooms with its Fire TV, which reportedly delivers music, video and other… Read More.

US won't save any money by changing fonts

Turns out a teen's brilliant idea was faulty and the switching the font to Garamond won't help the US government… Read More.

Hobbit director's jet searches for missing plane

More resources are being put towards finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 but the search chief mentioned that it may still… Read More.

Kim Kardashian attacked by baby elephant

It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian wanted to take a selfie with a baby elephant while she was in Thailand.… Read More.