What Happened on 02 October 2013

Ancient city found in Iraq

Archaeologists discovered a 3,000-year old metropolis in northern Iraq. Idu was once a major city and belonged to the Assyrian… Read More.

Floods killed 30 people in Cambodia

At least 30 people have died in Combodia due to recent floods caused by heavy rains as well as an… Read More.

Mexican state wants to hire women to end police corruption

According to the Mexican State authorities, it's possible to solve the issue of rampant corruption by replacing all traffic police… Read More.

NYC inmates cost about $168K per year

The annual cost of an inmate in New York is $167,731, which is $460 a year… Read More.

USDA investigating claim Sysco kept meat in sheds

An investigation by NBC Bay Area last year discovered that the largest food distributor in the world, Sysco, was storing… Read More.

Solar panels are coming to IKEA shelves

IKEA is known for its affordable furniture but the Swedish-owned retailer is soon adding a new item to its stores… Read More.

Two Purdue players arrested for theft

Lafayette police arrested two Purdue University football players for theft yesterday.  Players Jordan Woods and B.J. Knauf who are 19… Read More.

The Buckeyes hug sports anchor

Sports anchor Dom Tiberi lost his 21-year old daughter Mariah in a car accident on Sept. 17. Ohio State honored… Read More.

Viral video maker quits job through viral video

After working for Next Media Animation for two years and creating hilarious recreations of news stories, America Marina Shifrin created… Read More.

Spam on social media increases by 355%

A new report suggests that spammers are now not only concentrating on your email account. Spam on social media during… Read More.

McCartney responds to fan mail after 50 years

Barbara Bezant and Lyn Phillips had sent a recorded message to Paul McCartney in 1963 and they have now received… Read More.

Breaking Bad finale breaks ratings record

Breaking Bad didn't lose most of its viewers as it came close to being wound up into its final season.… Read More.