What Happened on 01 February 2014

Man spends 16 months at sea

A bearded man claims he has been floating at sea in his small boat since Sept. 2012. Details regarding the… Read More.

Vodka is killing a lot of Russian men

Russian men who binge-drink vodka risk dying before the age of 55. A new study, which tracked 151,000 men between… Read More.

300 companies promise to help the unemployed

President Obama said he has asked 300 companies to help the long-term unemployed in the US. Reports suggest that he's… Read More.

Super Bowl faces a fake security scare

Authorities in New Jersey are trying to get to the bottom of a fake scare regarding the security at Super… Read More.

Amazon Prime may become more expensive

Amazon Prime, which comes with a two-day shipping and an access to other perks, may get more expensive.  Reports suggest… Read More.

Miley Cyrus gives Bieber some advice

Justin Bieber should definitely listen to Miley Cyrus, who mentioned at the Tonight Show that Bieber should pay people to… Read More.