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Texas Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

Texas is in the South Central region of USA. Map shows the trends in the elevation of the state which also affects it's climate.

Texas Topographic Map

The Texas Topographic Map indicates the relief features of the state. The topography of Texas is characterized by the Gulf Coastal Plains of the eastern and southeastern part of the state, the North Central Plains of the central Texas, the Great Plains of the west-central region of Texas that extends to the Panhandle and the hilly region of the Pecos area of the western side. The Gulf Coastal Plains of Texas comprise the Piney Woods of the west Louisiana and east Texas, and the Post Oak Belt that extends to the prairie region of Blackland Belt. The Balcones Escarpment divides the Gulf Coastal Plains from the North Central Plains of the state. The North Central Plains covers the region of Blackland Belt and Cap Rock Escarpment. The Burnet- Llano Basin, which has a vast reserve of mineral resources, is situated in the North Central Plains of Texas. The trans-Pecos is spread in-between River Pecos and Rio Grande. Situated at a height of 8,749 feet above the sea level, Guadalupe Peak of the trans-Pecos region is the highest point Texas. Brazos, Rio Grande, Pecos, San Jacinto, San Antonio and Guadelupe are some of the important rivers of Texas. The Texas State Map clearly defines the physiographic divisions of the state.

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