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Texas Hospitals Map

by Vishul Malik

Texas health care involves Texas Health Maintenance Organizations, Health Services, Medicaid and Texas hospitals.

Texas Hospitals Map

Texas Health Maintenance Organizations

Texas health maintenance organizations (HMO) offer a wide spectrum of preventive care and health services through hospitals, clinics, doctors and pharmacists. The HMO co-ordinates with each or all of the service providers so as to give the maximum benefit to their members at a cost.

Texas health Services

Texas Health Services is an important aspect of Texas Health care. Texas health services comprise the list of services provided by Texas Department of State Health Services. Each service includes the purpose of service, the eligibility criteria, contacts. A few examples of the health services provided are Birth defects Epidemiology and Surveillance, Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Screening, Chronic Disease Prevention, Emergency Medical Services (including Trauma Care Systems), HIV Treatment Services, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance.

Texas Medicaid

Texas Medicaid is an integral part of Texas health care. Texas Medicaid is a co-operative venture of the federal and state governments to provide medical assistance to needy people. Medicaid has been designed for those people who on their own cannot arrange for medical treatment for themselves or their children.

Hospitals in Texas

Texas Hospitals comprise State Hospitals, University Hospitals and medical centers, privately owned hospitals. Hospitals in Texas are spread out across the state. Texas medical centers also provide similar facilities as Texas Hospitals.

Texas Hospitals in Houston

Texas hospitals in Houston are famous for their specialized services and facilities. Some of the important hospitals in Houston are:

  • Texas Children’s Hospital– Texas Children’s Hospital is a full fledged pediatric hospital attending to over 2.2 million patients yearly. Founded in 1954, this hospital is dedicated to child care and treatment, research and education. The hospital is located in 6621 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas.
  • Woman’s Hospital of Texas – The Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston started functioning in 1976. This 275 bedded hospital at 7600 Fannin, Houston, is dedicated to care of women and newborns.

Texas Hospitals in Dallas

Texas hospitals in Dallas are renowned for their updated facilities and specialized services. A few of the famous hospitals in Dallas, Texas include:

  • Parkland Hospital

     – Parkland Health and Hospital System is famously called Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1894 it is one of the oldest hospitals in Texas. Among all maternity hospitals in USA this is the busiest, and internationally the second busiest.

  • Baylor Hospital

     – Baylor Specialty Hospital is located in Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas. This specialty hospital caters to ailments requiring intensive nursing care and medical management.

  • Other Texas Hospitals

    Among other renowned Texas Hospitals there are:

    • Spohn Hospital in Alice, Beeville, Corpus Christi
    • Covenant Health System in Lubbock, Brownfield, Comanche, Plainview, Hamlin
    • DeTar Hospital and health care System in Victoria
    • HCA Lone Star Health in Irving, El Paso, Mc Kinney, North Richmond Hills, Fort Worth
    • Kindred Health Care and Hospital in Pasadena, Houston, San Antonio, Mansfield, Arlington
    • Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Beaumont, Houston, Orange, Missouri City, Katy
    • Saint David’s Medical System at Austin
    • SCCI Hospital at Amarillo, El Paso, Houston, San Angelo, Victoria
    • Seton Healthcare Network in Austin, Burnet

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