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Museums in Texas

by poonam bisht

The Texas Museums Map points out the several museums of the state. The Brazoria County Historical Museum exhibits the unique art and craft works of the state. The Texas Memorial Museum houses the Texas Natural Science Center that enriches the scientific knowledge of the tourists.

Texas Museums Map

Located in Houston, The Museum of Fine Arts displays the exquisite paintings and art works of the artists of the state. The Witte Museum of San Antonio showcases the unique cultural heritage and historical saga of Texas. The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum is one of the prime tourist attractions of the state and the biggest museum of Texas. The museum showcases the various artifacts and beautiful sculptures of the ancient times. The Texas State Map indicates the exact position of the museums of the state.

Some of the other notable museums of Texas are :

  • Museum of the Big Bend of Alpine
  • Center for Contemporary Arts of Abilene
  • Art Museum of Southeast Texas of Beaumont
  • Matagorda County Museum of Bay City
  • Old Jail Art Center of Albany
  • Agricultural Heritage Center and Museum of Boerne
  • Legends of the Game Baseball Museum of Arlington

The museums of Texas reflect the rich cultural legacy and archeological remnants of the state.

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