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Florida County Map

by Vishul Malik

The state of Florida comprises 67 counties. In 1821, Florida became a US territory and comprised just two counties – Escambia, which was located in the west, and St Johns in the east. These two counties were divided by Suwannee River. The other counties in the state were later created out of these two original counties. In 1845, Florida joined the United States of America as its 27th state. Gilchrist County, which was created in 1925, is the youngest county of the state. It was created from a segment of the Alachua County.

Florida County Map

About Counties in Florida

Florida county map shows that there are 67 counties in the state. Initially, these counties were subdivisions of the state government, but gradually their power increased and developed independently. These counties can be divided into Central, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest. Refer to the Florida county map to find which counties are located in which area. The county seats and significant cities are also shown on the map.

Florida counties are :

Alachua County – With an area of 969.12 square miles, the county has 7 cities, 2 towns, and 13 unincorporated areas. The famous University of Florida is located in this county, and much of its economy is centered on this university. See the Florida county map to find the places surrounding this county.

Brevard County – Covering an area of 1,556.95 square miles, this county is located across the Atlantic Ocean coast. The county seat is in Titusville, though most of the county’s administration is operated from Viera. There are 10 cities and 6 towns in Brevard County.

Charlotte County – With the county seat in Punta Gorda, it is the only county in Florida in the Punta Gorda Metropolitan Statistical Area. There is one incorporated area, one city, and 15 unincorporated areas in the county. Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge is the national protected area located in this county.

Dixie County – Covering an area of 863.66 square miles, Dixie has two cities and nine incorporated areas. The county seat is at Cross City, and some of the attractions in the county are – Old Town Methodist Church and the City Of Hawkinsville.

Escambia County – Florida’s westernmost county is spread over 875.57 square miles; the county seat is Pensacola. There are two incorporated and 18 unincorporated areas.

Franklin County – Spread over an area of 534 square miles, it is a coastal county in Florida, as given in the county map of Florida. The county has two incorporated areas, five unincorporated areas, four barrier islands, and two historic sites. Apalachicola National Forest and St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge are the two national protected areas in the county.

Miami-Dade County – With a population of around 2,496,435, it is the most populous county in Florida. There are 35 incorporated and several unincorporated areas in the county. Interstate 75Interstate 95, and Florida Turnpike are significant roads passing through this county.

Maps of All Florida Counties

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