Florida State Symbols

DesignationSymbol / Emblem
Florida State MottoIn God we trust
Florida State FlagA red diagonal cross on a white background and
a state seal superimposed on the cross.
Florida State SongThe Swanee River by Stephen C. Foster
Florida State NicknameSunshine State
Florida State TreeSabal Palm
Florida State FlowerOrange blossom
Florida State WildflowerTickseed
Florida State AnimalFlorida Panther
Florida State FishFlorida Largemouth Bass
Florida State BirdNorthern Mockingbird
Florida State ButterflyZebra Longwing
Florida State ReptileAmerican Alligator
Florida State SoilMyakka Soil
Florida State GemMoonstone
Florida State ShellHorse Conch
Florida State StoneAgatized Coral
Florida State FruitOrange
Florida State PieKey lime pie
Florida State BeverageOrange juice
Florida State FestivalCalle Ocho Open House
Florida State Air FairCentral Florida Air Fair
Florida State BandThe St. Johns River City Band

In 1868 the new constitution of Florida passed a resolution for the legislature to adopt a seal to symbolize the state. According to the resolution, the size of state seal has to be equivalent to the size of an American silver dollar. The Florida state seal must also contain images of a steamboat, cocoa tree, an Indian women scattering flowers and illuminated sunrays.

The word 'Great Seal of the State of Florida: In God We Trust' encircles the seal. Many changes have however, taken place in the state seal of Florida after this.

Apart from the state seal, there are various other symbols which represent the state of Florida. Among the various Florida state symbols, the oldest state symbols are the state flower, state song and state bird. Some of the state symbols of Florida are listed here:

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