Top 20 Countries with the Highest Mobile Cellular Subscriptions in 2015

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Top 20 countries with the highest mobile cellular subscriptions in 2015

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The telephone has been one of the biggest technological advancements in the history of mankind. It made communication between people easier no matter how far they lived. The message that would usually take weeks to reach its destination could now be relayed in a matter of seconds. The mobile phone went a step further and now the much smaller and compact instrument can be easily kept in the pocket and carried around. The mobile phone has made it easier for people to be connected all the time and wherever they are.

Over the years, the mobile phone has become an integral part of the lifestyle and more people every year are subscribing for cellular services. According to the International Telecommunication list of 2015, out of the 20 countries with the highest mobile cellular subscriptions in 2015, 10 belonged to Asia. Standing right at the top is China which had 1,305,738,000 subscribers in the year 2015. Closely following China is its neighbor India, which has witnessed an astounding increase in the number of mobile users in the recent years. The number of mobile cellular subscriptions in India in 2015 were 1,011,054,000. Coming at the third place is the United States. Though the nation lagged behind India, in terms of numbers which stood at 382,307,000; however, in terms of subscriptions per 100 people it was ahead of India. While in India the subscriptions per 100 people was 78.84, in the US it was 117.59. Indonesia, which occupied the fourth spot, witnessed 338,426,000 mobile cellular subscriptions in 2015.

Brazil and the Russian Federation witnessed more than 20 million subscriptions in 2015 with the South American nation accounting for 257,814,274 mobile cellular subscriptions and the Russian Federation 227,288,088. The nations which had more than 10 million mobile cellular subscriptions in 2015 were Japan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Mexico. Meanwhile, the last seven positions in the top 20 list went to Germany, Egypt, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Iran, where the mobile cellular subscriptions in 2015 ranged between seven to slightly under 10 million.

(Data sourced from ITU)

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