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World Map Showing Open Government Data by Country
The World Map Shows The Percentage of Open Government Data Around the World


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Open data, which means the free availability of data for people to use and republish as they like, is important for the enhancement of knowledge. Open government data is free from the restrictions of patents, copyright and other such measures. Though the concept of open data is not new, but it has gained prominence in recent years due to the rise of the internet and a lot of data is now available on it. Recent years have witnessed many open data government initiatives, some of which are Data.gov.uk and data.gov. There are a variety of open data. These include government budget, national statistics, administrative boundaries, national maps, weather forecast, election results, government spending among others. However, the availability of open data is not uniform around the world. While in some nations the percentage of open data may be huge, in others it may be minuscule.

Open Knowledge International, a global non-profit organization, has published the Open Data Index, 2015, provides information on the state of open government data publication around the world. According to the data, Taiwan has the largest percentage of open data available to the public. The percentage of open government data in Taiwan stood at 78, which means that just 22 percent of the data is not open. The United Kingdom came at the second spot and here 76 percent of the government data was assessed was open. In Denmark, which was at the third place, 70 percent of the data was open. Other countries where more than 60 percent of the data was open were Colombia, Finland, Australia, Uruguay, the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, France and Brazil.

Countries where between 40 to 60 percent of the data was open included India, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, and some other nations. Meanwhile, there are some nations where the government data is not freely available. Some of the countries where less than 20 percent of the data was open included Botswana, Tanzania, China, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries. Myanmar was placed right at the bottom of the table and here a measly 3 percent of the data was open.

The table below provides information on the percentage of open data in each nation.

Place Score
Taiwan 78.00%
United Kingdom 76.00%
Denmark 70.00%
Colombia 68.00%
Finland 67.00%
Australia 67.00%
Uruguay 66.00%
United States 64.00%
Netherlands 64.00%
Norway 63.00%
France 63.00%
Brazil 61.00%
Romania 58.00%
Mexico 58.00%
Isle of Man 57.00%
Bulgaria 56.00%
Canada 55.00%
Spain 55.00%
India 55.00%
Italy 55.00%
Czech Republic 52.00%
Moldova, Republic of 51.00%
Korea, Republic of 50.00%
Austria 50.00%
Singapore 50.00%
Germany 49.00%
Iceland 48.00%
Sweden 48.00%
Switzerland 47.00%
Chile 47.00%
Ireland 46.00%
Japan 46.00%
Latvia 46.00%
Kyrgyzstan 44.00%
Belgium 43.00%
Kosovo 43.00%
Jamaica 42.00%
Albania 42.00%
Hong Kong 42.00%
Luxembourg 41.00%
Indonesia 40.00%
Thailand 39.00%
Greece 39.00%
Israel 38.00%
Rwanda 38.00%
Puerto Rico 38.00%
Turkey 37.00%
Georgia 37.00%
Jersey 36.00%
Guernsey 35.00%
Kazakhstan 35.00%
Slovakia 35.00%
Paraguay 35.00%
South Africa 34.00%
Argentina 34.00%
Portugal 34.00%
Ukraine 34.00%
Senegal 32.00%
Burkina Faso 32.00%
Ecuador 32.00%
Pakistan 30.00%
Russian Federation 30.00%
Cayman Islands 30.00%
Benin 30.00%
Nepal 30.00%
Bermuda 29.00%
Oman 29.00%
Costa Rica 29.00%
Macedonia, the … 28.00%
Bolivia, … 28.00%
Kenya 27.00%
Saint Lucia 27.00%
Dominica 27.00%
Guatemala 27.00%
El Salvador 27.00%
Morocco 26.00%
Dominican Republic 26.00%
Philippines 25.00%
Cameroon 25.00%
Bahrain 25.00%
Azerbaijan 25.00%
Guyana 23.00%
Trinidad and Tobago 22.00%
Egypt 22.00%
Tajikistan 22.00%
Tunisia 21.00%
Qatar 21.00%
Jordan 20.00%
Panama 20.00%
Botswana 19.00%
Tanzania 19.00%
Mali 19.00%
China 18.00%
Timor-Leste 18.00%
Kuwait 18.00%
Togo 17.00%
Montserrat 17.00%
Côte d’Ivoire 16.00%
Lebanon 16.00%
United Arab Emirates 16.00%
Guinea 16.00%
Niger 16.00%
Saudi Arabia 15.00%
Grenada 15.00%
St. Vincent & … 14.00%
Aruba 13.00%
Ethiopia 13.00%
Cambodia 12.00%
Barbados 11.00%
Bahamas 11.00%
Iraq 11.00%
Malaysia 10.00%
Nigeria 9.00%
Sudan 9.00%
Turks and Caicos … 9.00%
Antigua and Barbuda 8.00%
Algeria 7.00%
Iran, Islamic … 7.00%
Saint Kitts and … 7.00%
Libya 6.00%
Syria 5.00%
Myanmar 3.00%


(Data sourced from Open Knowledge International)

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