The Number of Soft Drink Brands Produced Per Country

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World Map Showing the Number of Soft Drink Brands Around the World
The World Map Depicts the Number of Soft Drink Brands That Originated in Each Country


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Soft drinks are one of the most popular refreshments and are widely consumed around the world. But soft drinks are not a new phenomenon, they have been consumed since ancient times, though in a different form. In Tudor England, people drank a sweetened drink with lemon flavor. Comprising cream of tartar, the drink was known as ‘water imperial’. Another popular drink was ‘Manays Cryste’. Though the history of marketing the first carbonated beverage dates back to the 17th century, it was only in the 18th century that Joseph Priestly, an English chemist, developed carbonated water. This ultimately led to the development of soft drinks, which is today one of the biggest industries of the world.

Today, soft drinks are being manufactured around the world. While some names have gained international recognition, such as Pepsi and Cocoa Cola, and have come to be loved the world over, others have their influence limited to local regions or countries. United States is home to the largest number of soft drinks brands in the world. It is estimated that there are around 121 brands that have been produced in the country. Some of the more popular ones are Dr Pepper, Hansen’s, Red Bull, Pepsi, Coca Cola, to name a few.

India is also home to a large number of people who love to gorge on soft drinks. There are 59 brands that have been produced in the country. One of the most popular ones is Thumps Up, which was bought by Coca Cola. Some other famous brands are Rasna, Rooh Afza etc. The United Kingdom comes at the third place with 49 brands originating in the country which include Ginger Beer, Evoca Cola, Red Kola etc. The Philippines came at the fourth spot with 45 brands originating in the country.

Countries where between 30 and 45 brands were produced included Sweden, Hungary, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Germany, Canada, Finland, Mexico, South Africa, France, Italy, and some other nations witnessed between 15 and 30 soft drinks brands being produced in the country. Meanwhile, there were many countries were less than 15 brands were produced and some of these were Norway, Colombia, Russia, Spain, Zimbabwe, Cuba, China, Oman etc.

Country Number of Soft Drink Brands
United States 121
India 59
United Kingdom 49
Philippines 45
Sweden 42
Hungary 41
Japan 37
Sri Lanka 36
Australia 30
Germany 29
Argentina 28
Canada 28
Brazil 25
Finland 25
Pakistan 25
South Korea 25
Bangladesh 24
Mexico 23
Poland 21
Morocco 20
South Africa 19
France 17
Ireland 17
Singapore 17
Haiti 16
Italy 16
Lithuania 16
Romania 16
Iran 14
Norway 14
Peru 14
Portugal 13
Colombia 12
Denmark 12
Malaysia 11
Austria 10
Estonia 10
Indonesia 10
Israel 10
Myanmar 10
Trinidad and Tobago 10
Ecuador 9
Russia 9
Turkey 8
Paraguay 7
Spain 7
Zimbabwe 7
China 6
Jamaica 6
New Zealand 6
Tunisia 6
Belgium 5
Bulgaria 5
Cuba 5
Lebanon 5
Puerto Rico 5
Taiwan 5
Thailand 5
Algeria 4
Iceland 4
Slovenia 4
Switzerland 4
Bahamas 3
Chile 3
Libya 3
Venezuela 3
Barbados 2
Bolivia 2
Costa Rica 2
Czech Republic 2
Dominican Republic 2
El Salvador 2
Kuwait 2
Malta 2
Netherlands 2
Papua New Guinea 2
Slovakia 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Bermuda 1
Gibraltar 1
Hong Kong 1
Madagascar 1
Maldives 1
Oman 1
Serbia 1
Suriname 1
Togo 1
Ukraine 1
Uruguay 1
Vanuatu 1

The table below provides an insight into the number of soft drinks brands being produced in each nation.

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