Nations with the highest consumption of bottled water

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Get to Know Which Nations Have the Largest Consumers of Bottled Water
The World Map Shows the Nations With the Largest Consumers of Bottled Water


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The consumption of bottled water around the world has witnessed a surge in recent years. A number of factors can be attributed to this increase such as concerns over contamination, scarcity of water resources or health consciousness.

According to a data by the Beverage Marketing Corporation, China was the largest consumer of bottled water in terms of gallons in the years 2015. China consumed more than 20,506.4 million gallons of bottled water in 2015. This is double the figure of what was consumed in 2010. In 2010, the figure stood at 10,519.3 million gallons of bottled water.

Coming at the second spot was the United States. Though it was nearly half of the amount of bottled water consumed in China in 2015. As per the data, Americans consumed 11,738.7 million gallons of water during 2015. The third spot went to the United States’ southern neighbor Mexico where the amount stood at 8,081.2 millions of gallons of bottled water consumed.

Indonesia was the fourth largest consumer of bottled water with a figure of 6,815.6 millions of gallons. The fifth and sixth spots were occupied by Brazil and India respectively. The figure in both these nations was 5,357.4 and 4,596.3 millions of gallons of bottled water.

In Thailand, 3,624 million gallons were consumed in 2015, which made it the seventh nation which consumed the most bottled water in the year. The eight, ninth and tenth positions went to the European nations of Germany, Italy and France where 3,100.4, 2,876, and 2,388.8 millions of gallons of bottled water was consumed in 2015.

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