A Glimpse at the World’s Most Liveable Cities

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World Map Showing the World's Most Liveable Cities
The World Map Depicts the Most Liveable Cities in the World


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There are several factors that make a city worth living in. Just a few of these are safety and security, cost of living, infrastructure, level of educational institutes, and healthcare. The 2016 Global Power City Index, which has been published by the Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies, evaluated major cities and selected 42 cities from around the world on the basis of their comprehensive power to attract business enterprises, as well as creative people from all over the world. The index evaluated the cities on the basis of the six main functions such as cultural interactions, environment, accessibility, research and development, and livability, and also five global actors such as researchers, managers, visitors, residents, and artists.

The Livability functions has taken five factors into account which make a city worth living in. These are working environment, cost of living, security and safety, well being, and ease of living. The French capital of Paris has topped the 2016 Global Power City Index’s Livability Function with a score of 336.6. Paris is rated highly as there are a large number of medical doctors per population. In fact, along with Paris, all the other top five cities on the list are located in European nations. The other four are Berlin, at the number two spot with a rank of 331.9; Vienna, at the third rank with a score of 330.3, Barcelona at the fourth spot and Frankfurt at the fifth with scores of 327.7 and 325.6 respectively.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which was placed at the 15 spot in the last index, has bagged the 6th spot in 2016 due to gains in average house rent, total working hours, and price level. There are two other Japanese cities that have made it among the top ten most liveable cities. These are Osaka at the eighth spot and Fukuoka at the ninth spot. The other two cities among the top ten are the Canadian city of Toronto, which is ranked seventh; and the Swedish capital of Stockholm, at the tenth spot.

The list of 42 most liveable cities around the world also includes New York, London, Mumbai, the financial capital of India, Shanghai, Moscow, San Francisco, Beijing, Istanbul, Boston, Kuala Lumpur, and many other cities.

The biggest city of South Africa, Johannesburg, was placed at the 42nd rank and had a score of 175.6.

For a better understanding of how cities are ranked on the livability function and their scores, refer to the table below.

City Livability score, 2016
Paris 336.6
Berlin 331.9
Vienna 330.3
Barcelona 327.7
Frankfurt 325.6
Tokyo 320.6
Toronto 319.2
Osaka 318
Fukuoka 317.2
Stockholm 316.9
Amsterdam 312.4
Copenhagen 307
Vancouver 304.9
Madrid 302.7
Milan 298.3
Geneva 297
Seoul 294.8
Brussels 293.8
Zurich 292.7
Kuala Lumpur 285.9
Taipei 277.9
London 274.4
New York 271.7
Bangkok 265.6
Shanghai 262.3
Mumbai 262.2
Moscow 260.5
San Francisco 257.8
Chicago 257.5
Sydney 253.9
Beijing 252
Istanbul 252
Boston 247.9
Los Angeles 247.9
Sao Paulo 244.2
Hong Kong 240.8
Washington D.C 239.9
Jakarta 230.6
Mexico City 227.6
Singapore 224.6
Cairo 215.8
Johannesburg 175.6

(Data sourced from Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies)


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