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World Map Showing Civilian Gun Ownership by Country
The World Map Depicts the Civilian Gun Ownership by Country


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There are a number of nations around the world where civilians can easily obtain firearms. It has been estimated that civilians own some 650 million guns across the world.

The United States is the number one nation when it comes to civilians owning a gun. According to a 2007 data by the Small Arms Survey, out of 100 people 89 owned a firearm in the United States. In fact, the high level of casualties from firearms sparked a debate in the country for tighter gun laws. Coming at the second place was Yemen, where 55 civilians per 100 people owned a firearm.

Switzerland occupied the third place in the world and the first in Europe in terms of the number of civilians owning a firearm. According to the data, in this picturesque European nation, some 46 people out of 100 owned a firearm, while in Finland the numbers stood at 45 per 100 people.

Apart from Finland, other countries where between 31 and 45 civilians per 100 owned a firearm included Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Uruguay and, Canada. Meanwhile, nations where civilian gun ownership stood between 15 and 30 per 100 were Germany, Kuwait, New Zealand, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Lebanon, Qatar, and some other nations.

The countries that occupied the bottom slots on the Small Arms Survey were Jordan, Pakistan, Russia, China, India, South Korea, Morocco, and some other nations. In these nations the civilian gun ownership was less than 15 per 100 people.

(Data sourced from Small Arms Survey)

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