A Comparison of the Population Employed in Agriculture in Each Nation

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World Map Showing the Percentage of Population Employed in the Agriculture Sector by Country
The Map Shows the Percentage of Population Employed in the Agriculture Sector in Each Nation


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Agriculture is one of the most significant sectors of the economy and has played a pivotal role in the rise of the sedentary human civilization. Today, one-third of the work force around the world is employed in the agricultural sector. However, over the years, the percentage of workers in the agricultural sector has witnessed a steep decline in the developed countries. It has been estimated that less than five percentage of the population in rich nations is employed in the agricultural sector. Nevertheless, it still is a major source of employment for a significant part of the population in many nations around the world.

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy in the African nation of Rwanda. It is a significant contributor to the national Gross Domestic Product and also a major employer. According to a data by the International Labor Organization, 75.3 percent of the population was engaged in agriculture in the year 2012. The second largest employment in agriculture was registered in Madagascar where it stood at 68.9 percent. Uganda and Bhutan stood at the third and fourth rank with 66.1 and 62.2 percent of the population employed in the agriculture sector.

Nations such as Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Albania, Vietnam, and India saw between 45 and 60 percent of their populations working in the agriculture sector. Agriculture provided employment to between 30 and 45 percent of the people in countries like China, Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Armenia, and a few others.

Meanwhile, majority of the nations in the list witnessed less than 15 percent of their population engaged in the agriculture sector. These nations included Greece, Malaysia, Russia, New Zealand, United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and many others.

To get an idea of the percent of population employed in the agriculture sector in each nation, refer to the table.

Country Employment in Agriculture (%)
Rwanda 75.3
Madagascar 68.9
Uganda 66.1
Bhutan 62.2
Zambia 55.8
Côte d’Ivoire 48.3
Albania 47.4
Vietnam 47.4
India 47
Thailand 42.1
Morocco 39.2
Azerbaijan 37.7
Armenia 37.3
Indonesia 35.3
Mongolia 35
China 33.6
Cambodia 33.3
Guatemala 32.3
Philippines 32.2
Sri Lanka 31
Kyrgyzstan 30.1
Romania 29.7
Gambia 29.6
Ecuador 28
Namibia 27.4
Paraguay 27.2
Egypt 27.1
Moldova, Republic of 26.5
Kazakhstan 25.5
Peru 24.7
Turkey 23.6
El Salvador 21
Serbia 21
Ukraine 19.8
Cuba 19.3
Iran, Islamic Republic of 18.9
Jamaica 18.2
Colombia 17.5
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of 17.3
Tunisia 17
Panama 16.7
Dominican Republic 14.3
Mexico 13.6
Greece 13
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 12.9
Malaysia 12.6
Poland 12.6
Croatia 12.2
Brazil 11.5
Occupied Palestinian Territory 11.5
Portugal 10.8
Costa Rica 10.3
Belarus 10
Chile 10
Lithuania 8.8
Latvia 8.4
Slovenia 8.4
Ethiopia 8.2
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 7.7
Mauritius 7.5
Russian Federation 7.3
Samoa 7
New Zealand 6.8
Bulgaria 6.4
Korea, Republic of 6.2
Montenegro 5.7
Iceland 5.5
Hungary 5.1
Taiwan, China 5
South Africa 4.8
Austria 4.7
Ireland 4.7
Saudi Arabia 4.7
Kosovo 4.6
Estonia 4.5
Réunion 4.3
Spain 4.2
Finland 4.1
Japan 3.8
Italy 3.7
Trinidad and Tobago 3.7
Switzerland 3.5
Slovakia 3.2
Czech Republic 3.1
Argentina 3
Cyprus 2.9
France 2.9
Australia 2.8
Barbados 2.8
Denmark 2.6
Netherlands 2.5
Norway 2.2
Sweden 2.1
Canada 1.8
Germany 1.6
Israel 1.5
United States 1.5
Qatar 1.4
Luxembourg 1.3
Belgium 1.2
Bermuda 1.2
United Kingdom 1.2
Malta 1.1
Seychelles 0.9
Cayman Islands 0.7
Macau, China 0.2

(Data sourced from the International Labour Organisation)

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