Xi Jinping named president of China

  • Xi Jinping was confirmed as China’s president on Thursday, completing the country’s 10-yearly transition of power.

    Xi was appointed to the Communist Party's top post in November and replaces Hu Jintao.

    Around 3,000 delegates at the National People's Congress, the annual parliament session, cast their vote at the Great Hall of the People.

    While votes are held for the posts, they are largely ceremonial and the results very rarely a surprise.

    Although votes are held for the posts, they are seen as ceremonial and the results are very rarely a surprise.

    Xi was elected by 2,952 votes to one, with three abstentions.

    The role of vice-president went to Li Yuanchao, considered a close ally of Hu.

    Meanwhile, the new premier Li Keqiang was named earlier this morning, replacing Wen Jiabao.

    Xi, 59, has previously held top party roles in Zhejiang and Shanghai, before being appointed to China’s top decision-making body, the Standing Committee, in 2007.

    He has spearheaded an austerity drive, pledging to tackle corruption at all levels and has warned of civil unrest if party privilege is not curbed.

    Xi is expected to make his first overseas visit as president to the BRICS summit in South Africa at the end of this month.

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