Xi Jinping appointed new Chinese leader

  • Xi Jinping has been appointed as China’s new leader for the next decade.

    Xi led the new Politburo Standing Committee onto the stage at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Thursday, a symbol of his elevation to the top of China's ruling Communist Party.

    He said though the party had faced great challenges in recent times, he would work to meet "expectations of both history and the people”.

    Xi replaces Hu Jintao, who led a decade of staggering economic growth in China.

    The move marks the official passing of power from one generation to the next.

    Most of the new committee are seen as conservative and prospects of political reform now seem unlikely.

    The new line-up includes 86-year old former leader Jiang Zemin and four of his allies. The size of the Standing Committee has been reduced to nine to seven.