WHO Report says record Number of New COVID-19 Cases reported in last 24-Hours

  • A worldwide situation-report published by World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday has said that a record number of 259,848 new Covid-19 cases have been reported to WHO from across the world in the last 24 hours. This new high has broken the earlier record of 237,743 new cases of Covid-19 infection on Friday. The total number of COVID-19 infection cases reported to WHO worldwide till now is around 13.8 million. The concerned WHO report also said that in the last 24-hours, 7,360 people have died world over, taking the total worldwide toll to 593,087 till now. The United States, the worst affected country in terms of coronavirus infection, has reported more than 76,000 in the last 24-hours. An unpublished document prepared for the White House coronavirus task force and published by a nonprofit newsroom, the Center for Public Integrity, has recommended that the 18 US states (including the worst affected California and Florida) still considered to be in the COVID-19 “red-zone” should roll back reopening measures, especially after the increasing cases of infection. California has announced that in the fall the schools will not reopen for in-person classes. The statewide Covid-19 hospitalization data released by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration shows that the daily hospitalizations in the state have increased from around 7,000 on July 10, 2020, to more than 9,100 on July 18, 2020. More than 10,000 infection cases on a daily basis have been reported for the 5th straight day in Texas. The largest increase in coronavirus cases has been reported in the United States, Brazil, India, and South Africa. On Saturday, 10,158 new cases have been reported, taking the total cases in Texas to 317,730. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has said that an estimated 25 million people could have been infected with COVID-19 novel coronavirus, which is way above the official rate of the country. While speaking at a summit of the country’s coronavirus taskforce, the Iranian President said that 25 million Iranians might have contracted COVID-19 and went on to warn that up to 35 million more might get infected in the coming months. With the surge of coronavirus infection in Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, the country has postponed the next sitting of its national parliament. France has made the mandatory wearing of masks in enclosed public spaces (such as indoor markets, shops, and banks) from Monday. The UN secretary-general António Guterres has said during an online lecture for the Nelson Mandela Foundation that the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has revealed “fractures in the fragile skeleton of the societies we have built”.