West Mosul: Iraq Troops Launch Assault on IS Entrenchments, Retake Airport

  • Iraqi Forces Drive ISIS Away, Retake Mosul Airport

    February 24, 2017: As per reports, Iraqi forces have retaken Mosul airport under their control after successfully pushing ISIS militants from the key city. ISIS had destroyed the airport, but it is now completely under the control of Iraqi Federal Police.

    A new bid to retake the western half of the city was launched by the Iraqi troops on Sunday. The eastern half was liberated in late January.


    Iraqi Forces Attack on Mosul Airport

    February 23, 2017: As per reports, an attack has been launched by the Iraqi forces on Mosul airport in order to drive the IS militants from the western part of the city.

    Military police entered the airport and took over the runway and IS militants opened fire in airport buildings.

    The reports say that IS had already destroyed the airport's runway, but it is still of value.

    The area has been rigged with roadside bombs by the IS militants and they are also attacking the Iraqi force with mortars.


    Iraq Forces Launch Assault on IS Entrenchments

    February 20, 2017: As per reports, Iraq government forces seized 15 villages and moved towards the last stronghold held by the ISIS in west Mosul. Several military vehicles, backed by air power headed towards the IS positions on Sunday.

    The UN has warned about the safety of around 650,000 civilians who are trapped in the area held by the so-called Islamic State.

    As per Army Staff Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah's statement, the villages of Athbah and Al-Lazzagah were captured by elite Rapid Response units.