Washington: Trump and Merkel Met in Oval Office to Circumvent Differences

  • The White House this Friday housed the first meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the US President Donald Trump in Washington.

    Trump clarified that his “America First” agenda is not isolationist as the notion in Europe persists, calling the suggestion an example of fake news. Answering to a German reporter’s question if Trump regrets any of his Twitter comments made earlier, the US President said “Very seldom”.

    According to reports, they shared very little rapport which stands in contrast to the warm relations that Merkel and Obama shared during his tenure.

    On the talk taking a turn towards economic issues Merkel remarked delicately that she stands for German interest, while Trump stands for American interests.

    Trump, criticizing the foreign trade and national security agreements, stated that US interest will be better served with the agreements revised.