War correspondent kidnapped in Syria

  • A veteran Spanish war correspondent's newspaper reported his kidnapping in Syria. 

    Marc Marginedas, last contacted the newspaper on Sept. 4 and has been missing since. El Periodico de Catalunya, which is based in Barcelona, reported that the 46-year old reporter could have been kidnapped by jihadi combatants in western Syria. 

    Sources have revealed that "Marginedas was traveling by car with his driver when they were intercepted by jihadi combatants." The newspaper mentioned that it hasn't been possible to contact him since then. 

    This is the first time in the war correspondent's long career that he's been kidnapped. Marginedas has previously reported from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Darfur, Iraq, Chechnya and Algeria. 

    No group in the region has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. The communications director of the newspaper said they waited a while before reporting the incident and that the newspaper is looking to secure Marginedas' release. 

    An Amnesty International report that came out this year referred to Syria as being the most dangerous place in the world for journalists. 


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