Wang Lijun trial begins in China

  • A trial has reportedly started in secret of the former police chief at the center of China's biggest political scandal in years.

    Wang Lijun has been charged with defection, abuse of power and accepting bribes.

    He is believed to have triggered events that resulted in the downfall of influential politician Bo Xilai after he fled to a U.S. consulate in February.

    In addition, Bo's wife has since been given a suspended death sentence for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.

    The trial was expected to start in Chengdu on Tuesday. However, Wang's lawyer Wang Yuncai said the hearing had started earlier on Monday.

    "The trial started at 8.30 this morning and finished at about noon. The trial has two parts, private and public. Today is the private part because it involves state secrets, it was about the two charges of defection and bending the law for his own ends,” said Wang.