Violin that played as Titanic sank to go on sale

  • Anyone who has watched "Titanic" must remember that musicians performed for the passengers one last time while the ship was sinking in the North Atlantic. 

    Although, none of those musicians survived, a violen played by bandmaster Wallace Hartley did; the instrument even has his name written on it and is soon going to go on auction. 

    Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge called it a "remarkable piece of history" and said he has never in his 20-year old career "seen an item that brings out this degree of emotion in people before."

    The violin, which can no longer be played, is expected to fetch over $323,300 when it goes on sale in Wiltshire, England on Saturday. 

    The instrument is believed to have been next to the bandmaster's body for a week after the ship sank. "Mr. Hartley and the band were very brave people," Aldridge said. 

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