Venezuelans take to pots and pans to protest food shortage

  • As per reports, activists in Caracas, Venezuela, were once again out on the streets on Saturday banging empty pots and pans to protest the severe food shortage prevailing across the country.

    Venezuela, a country with one of the largest oil-reserves, has been witnessing a food crisis with supermarket shelves running empty for several months. According to a recent study conducted by three universities, over 93 percent people cannot afford to buy food and 73 percent are reported to have lost weight in the last twelve months.

    It’s a common sight to see hungry children desperately begging for food on the streets or going through trash to salvage any edible leftovers. 64 people have died since street protests first began in April.

    President Nicholas Maduro, the former Union leader turned politician, has remained unmoved claiming protests to be instigated by vested interests seeking to take control of the state’s oil assets. Meanwhile, the situation in the country continues to remain grim.