Venezuelan Govt Rejects US Humanitarian Aid as United States Block US$10 Billion through Sanctions

  • Venezuela’s Nicholas Maduro government has regarded the USA’s humanitarian aid as a forerunner of a US-led invasion. Maduro insisted that “no one will enter, not one invading soldier.” On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro called the small amounts of assistance by the United States as a sham even when the latter keeps maintaining the sanctions blocking US$10 billion worth offshore assets and revenue. However, opposition leader Juan Guaido threatened the military officers against blocking humanitarian aid by the US. Guaido said, “Take all that humanitarian aid and give it to the people of Cucuta, where there is a lot of need.” Maduro government responded by saying “They offer us toilet paper, like Donald Trump, threw at the people of Puerto Rico”, referring to the improvised 2018 US aid distribution to the hurricane-affected people of Puerto Rico.