'Vampire' skeletons in Poland

  • Bulgarian archaeologists, about a little more than a year ago had found skeletons in conditions, which suggested that they were being stopped from becoming vampires after death. A similar discovery was made this year in Poland. The remains were found with their heads in between their legs so as to ensure that the vampires wouldn't find their heads and come back to life. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell the age of these burials due to lack of any jewelry or items that could suggest the time period in history but its being said that these burials most likely occurred long before 1914 which is the date of the last recorded burial of 'vampires' in the country. 

    Of course, tests are being run on these skeletons that were found in southern Poland. There are plenty of theories that explain the rituals in the past that dealt with the death of believed vampires. One of them being the hanging of the dead bodies till their heads fell naturally on the ground due to decomposition.