US Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders' Campaign Raises $2 Billion in 2-days to help COVID-19 Coronavirus Sufferers

  • Vermont Senator and US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ campaign team has put its fundraising prowess to raise more than $2 million in the last 48 hours to help those who are most affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. Political strategist Tim Tagaris has said that the supporters of Bernie Sanders have contributed this huge amount in charity purpose within 2-days, indicating that Bernie Sanders’ hope to become the US President is “not done yet”. The digital fundraising director of Bernie’s campaign, Robin Curran, has said that more than 50,000 donations have been done in the last 48-hours “to help those most impacted by coronavirus because they understand that now more than ever it is important that we are in this together.” The 5 charities through which Bernie’s campaign team has collected more than $2 million in the last 2-days are No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, One Fair Wage Emergency Fund, and Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. The former Vice President and a frontrunner in the race to Democratic nomination for the 2020 US Presidential election, Joe Biden, is not seen in days. Sanders had said during Friday night’s virtual roundtable on the coronavirus outbreak that “this is an unprecedented moment and we have got to think in an unprecedented way.” On Saturday afternoon, Bernie Sanders has urged the US President Donald Trump to get his act together and utilize the Defense Production Act for protecting medical personnel.