US President says He Generally wants the End of Controversial Chokehold Method for Restraining Suspects

  • The US President Donald Trump has said that “generally speaking” he wants the controversial chokehold method for restraining some suspects be ended. While saying that it’ll be a “very good thing” to ban chokeholds, Trump also said that the method may be required in some situations. The US President Donald Trump’s comments come at a time when all the representatives in the US Congress are trying to figure out the details of the proposed police reform bill known as Justice in Policing Act of 2020. With the continued protests across the US against racism and police brutality, Trump said that he wants to see a “really compassionate but strong law enforcement”. He went on to add that “toughness is sometimes the most compassionate.” Following the widespread protests of George Floyd’s killing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a law that calls for a sweeping package of police accountability measures. The Democratic leader, Cuomo, said that “Police reform is long overdue, and Mr. Floyd’s murder is only the most recent murder.”