US President Donald Trump moves forward to Eliminate Special US Treatment of Hong Kong to Punish China

  • US President Donald Trump had ordered his administration on Friday to initiate the elimination of special US treatment for Hong Kong in order to punish China in response to the latter’s attempt to end the autonomy of Hong Kong. While making the announcement, President Trump said at a White House news conference that Beijing has broken its promise of maintaining “One Country, Two System” by trying to impose its new national security legislation, which will ultimately lead to the end of Hong Kong’s autonomy. In response to the end of Hong Kong’s autonomy and China’s “malfeasance” into the worldwide suffering due to COVID-19 (which originated in China), the US will “revoke Hong Kong’s preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory from the rest of China.” While saying that the US action will be strong and meaningful, Trump said that the potential sanctions will affect the full range of US agreements with Hong Kong including the U.S. extradition treaty, export controls on dual-use technologies, and many more with few exceptions. President Trump also said that he was issuing a proclamation for better safeguarding vital university research by suspending entry of Chinese nationals (who have been identified as potential security risks). This announcement will affect 3,000-5,000 Chinese graduate students. Both the US and UK have raised the issue of Hong Kong’s new security legislation at the UN Security Council on Friday in a closed virtual meeting. However, China opposed the issue by saying that it is not an issue of international peace and security. However, China and Russia have criticized the US for using excessive force against black people.